COLIBROX 13" Foldable Splatter Screen For Frying Pan - Splatter Guard Stops 99% of Splatter, Ultra Fine Mesh For Protection - Heavy Duty, Long Lasting for Cooking


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  • HIGH-QUALITY SPLATTER SCREEN: The splatter screen is of high quality adding ease to the frying process. Lunar is best grease splatter screen that keeps you safe from hot splashes while frying. The splatter guard fits close to your frying pan and is compatible with pretty much anything in the kitchen.
  • ACE GRADE MATERIAL: With the quality pledge, our splatter screen is produced with professional stainless steel material. This makes the grease screen rust free. The splatter screen is professionally fused to give high tolerance to bend and not break. No harm or damage to the long-lasting durability of this product. The grease protector has a heat-resistant handle, and is perfect alignment of the splatter screen makes it comfortable and safe in its use.
  • 13’’ SPLATTER SCREEN: The splatter screen with 13-inch size and a prolonged heat-resistant handle is an ideal size for accomplishing the frying and cooking tasks safely. The 13-inch size splatter screen for frying pan can be used for every pot and can cover every container safeguarding you from oil splashes.
  • MULTIPURPOSE: The metal splatter shield can be used as the lid of the container while cooking or boiling the food. Along with this, a grease splatter screen can be used as a veggie steamer, a cooling rack, an excess oil splitter for fried foods.

Package Dimensions: 13.1 x 12.8 x 1.1 inches

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