COLIBROX 2" Copper Tri Clamp Ferrule Beer Keg Still Adapter Fits 2" Copper Pipe no clamp

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Details: These are standard 2" tri clamp fittings, but made of pure copper instead of stainless. Super simple to sweat or solder to any 2" copper pipe. As you can see from the pictures it mates perfectly with a keg. Pretty much all kegs have the same 2.5" opening that matches 2" tri clamps. Special one sided (flat on one side ribbed on other) high temp food grade silicone gasket included. If you are only going to silicone glue it on to your copper pipe, like a lot of people are doing, you should save yourself some money and buy our stainless ferrule. If you want a solid connection this is the fitting for you. Copper ferrule and keg gasket included. Copper pipe, clamp, and keg not included but we do sell them separately. Also used as a window port for bubble plate tee reflux stills.

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