COLIBROX Heirloom Egyptian Walking Onions Moritz Variety NON GMO 10 Bulblets

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  • Similar to the typical tree onion, but the bulbs are a deeper colour (red-purple) and the topsets are slightly larger than most strains. An unusual strain that will sometimes produce sets in the middle of the stalk Egyptian Walking Onions grow perennially in a bed. Hardy bulbs set bulblets on stalks.
  • Air bound bulblets will sprout new smaller stalks, which fall over and replant themselves, hence the name Walking. Plant them where you intend to have them for a long time, as they are quite hardy. Delicious green onions, with shallot-like bulbs growing atop tall stalks. Fascinating.
  • A perennial, bunching onion variety used like a scallion. Thin white onions with long tubular greens 1 half to 1 inch wide or larger, and 12-36 inches long. Instead of small black seeds this plant produces bulb sets on the flowering end of long tubular branches. If left to their own design, these seed tops will fall over and the bulbils on top will sprout roots with fall moisture. Perennial zones 3-9.
  • Full sun
  • 10 bulbils / bulblets in package

Details: All parts of this onion are edible very easy to grow in the garden or containers

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