COLIBROX Wand Designed To Fit Miele Vacuum Cleaner Non Electric Telescoping Telescopic

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  • Brand New - Unused Parts Top Quality, Generic Aftermarket Part
  • Includes one (1) telescopic non-electric wand tube as pictured
  • Manufactured to fit select Miele vacuum cleaner models Telescopic wand is adjustable
  • Wand Length: 22" wand extends to 34 9/16"
  • Attachment Fitting Specifications: Inside Diameter: 1-3/8"

Details: Works with Miele models: S125 S234I S252I S275I S126 S240I S254I S276I S128 S242 S255I S278I S129 S246I S256I S280I S130 S247I S265 S282I S135 S248I S269I S290 S138 S249I S270I S291 S204 S250I S271I S300I S220 S2511 S272I S301I S228I S251I S274I S310I S311-1l S321I S346I S410I S311I S322I S347I S411I S312I S323I S348I S412I S312I2 S324I S370 S420I S312I-2 S326I S371 S421I S313I S328I S372 S422I S314 I S334I S374 S424I S315I S336I s377I S426I S316I S338I S381 S428I S318I S344I S401I S434IS436I S500 S524 S571 S438I S501 S526 S600 S442I S511 S528 S612 S444I S512 S534 S624 S445I S512I S536 S626 S446I S513 S538 S628 S447I S514 S544 S634 S448I S516 S548 S636 S4561 S518 S556 S638 S456I S5210 S558 S644S646 S715 S734 S758 S648 S716 S736 S799 S658 S717 S738 S799 I S710 S718 S744 SBD 265 S711 S724 S745 SBD 285 S712 S726 S748 SBD 285 2 S714 S728 S749 SBD 285-2 S270I S311I S324I S348I S274I S312I S326I S356I S278I S313I S328I S370 S280I S314 I S334I S371 S290 S315I S336I S372 S291 S316I S338I S374 S300 S318I S342I S400 S300I S321I S344I S400I S301I S322I S346I S401I S310I S323I S347I S410I S412I S434I S444I S5000 S424I S438I S500 S501 S428I S4000, S5000 and S6000 series

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