ESKONI 1350 W Immersion Water Heater Stinger Portable Travel Element

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  • Heating up water to the right temperature or boil egg, potato, etc.
  • Immersion heating element.
  • Ideal for home, garden, office or travel.
  • Heater must not be left unattended or can lead to overheating or boil over.
  • Heater must be completely submerged only leaving a small amount of space between the water and electrical end.

Details: This 1350 Watt immersion water heater gets HOT! This will heat up whatever you need heated up very quickly! This is a larger heater, but will also work for the smaller heating needs too. The heating element is approximately 13" in length. To use, just stick it in the liquid, plug it in, and keep it immersed until it is as hot you'd like it to be. Don't remove the element with the heater plugged in, or it will overheat. At least 70% of the element should be in the water, so it doesn't overheat. To test this heater, I put 2 cups of water in a large measuring cup, and it was very hot in under a minute. I then put the heater into a full gallon of water, and it heated up quite hot in about 3 minutes. The water was hot enough for coffee, hot chocolate, or making ramen noodles. These are GREAT heaters, and I have a very limited number! The plug on this item is the standard USA plug, and works on 110 Volts.

Package Dimensions: 13.8 x 7.8 x 1.9 inches

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