ESKONI 2 PlateTopper (Mini & Tall) Universal Leftover Lid Microwave Cover Airtight BLUE

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  • ● 2 Plate Toppers, creates airtight seal, BPA Free
  • ● Dishwasher Safe Top Rack Only
  • ● This Listing Includes: (2) Plate Toppers (1 Mini, 1Tall), New
  • Dimensions: ● Mini Internal Measures 2.5”H x 5”D Base x4.5” Top ● Tall Internal Measures 4” H x 7.5”D Base 6.5”D Top
  • ● New

Details: Two major issues with leftovers are keeping it fresh and storing it. Instead of using messy and unsecured foil or Tupperware that you can never find a lid for, use a Plate Topper. The Plate Topper solves these issues by creating an airtight lid on many plates by simply pressing it down. It can also create an airtight lid on certain countertops. It’s perfect for leftovers at a party and is a great way to protect your plate from bees and flies at a picnic. This allows guests and party-goers to secure their food easily and get back to it just as quick. It works great as a microwave cover too, just make sure to use the quick release tab to vent.

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