KCHEX 2.5" 9V MINI COOLING FAN KIT for Mascot Costume Cosplay 9 Volt Battery Portable

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Brand: KCHEX


  • 9V Battery Operated Costume Mask Cooling Fan Kit
  • This kit allows you to quickly and easily ventilate a mask or helmet! This light and quiet fan is ideal for small spaces, and lasts 6+ hours on a fresh Duracell battery (not included).
  • 9V fan with on/off switch - 3x adhesive wire retaining clips - 2" x 2" square of hook and loop fastener (velcro) - 6" x 6" piece of mesh screen to prevent foreign objects from entering fan
  • Fan Size: 2.4" x 2.4" x 0.6" Cord length: about 1 foot
  • For best results and circulation: use two fans to feel coolest as possible! One fan to move air in, and one to push air out.

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