KCHEX A Screaming Yellow Rubber Chicken Dog Toy Non Toxic Bite-Resistant Squeaky Toy Lovely Baby Dog Safe Latex Rubber Pet Toy Gift

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Brand: KCHEX

Color: Yellow

Details: Keep squeezing with Toy Cubby Squeeze Fun Shrieking Chicken, made from durable rubber, can withstand countless of fun squeezing. Rubber chicken measures 17 inches long. Squawking chicken are perfect for kids, adults and also a perfect toy for your dog. Easy to play just squeeze and let it squawk. Screaming chicken toy is a great tool to make people laugh and also to annoy somebody. Makes a great party favor for your themed birthday party. Correct usage There were customers doing many wrong demonstrations and we are very helpless for this.Only use it correctly can bring you and your pets happiness. Many buyers do not know the real toy usage, the right is a toy extrusion voice in the hands of the dog to attract attention, not directly thrown to the dogs to play, because he is split, he is a pet with interactive toys, increase the intimacy between you and your dog.

Package Dimensions: 8.3 x 3.0 x 1.5 inches

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