KCHEX Dwarf Bolivian Wandering Jew - Tradescantia Minima Callisia Repens - 10 Cuttings

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Brand: KCHEX


  • 10 Fresh Cuttings

Details: You will receive 10 cuttings. They are very easy to root and grow quickly. :) Dwarf Wandering Jew (Callisia Repens, Tradescantia Minima) is easy to grow, is very hardy, and spreads easily. It has small green heart shaped leaves that get a tinge of purple in strong sunlight. It can be used inside as a houseplant and air purifier, outside in containers, or as a ground cover, in a fairy garden, or in a hanging basket. These plants will spread and eventually you will have your own cuttings to make more of these beautiful plants. This item is shipped with moist towel.

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