KCHEX Training Solutions Stake and Tie Out Combo for Dogs | 20ft. Cable Leash Pet Tether System Blue | 18" Spiral Stake

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Brand: KCHEX


  • Superior quality and durable: Our Product’s metal is uniquely designed to improve its longevity, making it the last stake and tie out dog cable you’ll ever have to buy. This 20ft. tie out cable system has been quality tested and is perfect for pets, small to large weighing 100+ lbs.
  • Secure and keeps your dog safe: Our dog tie out system is designed to give you the peace of mind knowing that your dog is not just secured and restrained but also safe. Have confidence that your dog won’t be able run away
  • Easy to set up: Whether you’ve been using tie out dog cables in the past, or you’re simply using it for the first time, it would interest you to know that our tie out cable system for dogs are easy to set up and that’s all thanks to its 18" (46cm) corkscrew stake that screws easily into the ground. With this, you can finally feel at ease knowing that your dog is safe and secured.
  • Tangle-resistant and 360-degree freedom: Thanks to its rotating and swiveling metal ring hooks that has been specially designed to curb tangling, you can be rest assured that your dog will never get tangled or have to stop playing outdoors.
  • Training aid: Looking to give your dog a quality behavioral training? Look no more as our tie out dog system does an incredible job in this regard. From training to restraining all types of dogs, this dog tie out cable never disappoints.

Details: For many dog owners, keeping your dog restrained while giving them an ample opportunity to roam around your yard without escaping can be a little daunting sometimes, but guess what, we have just what you need! Our tie out cables for dogs is just what you need to allow your dog run around without having to be tethered to your hand. Whether you’re out camping or visiting the park with your pup to have a nice time, be assured that our dog tie out cable and stake does an incredible job to keep your dog restrained, and most importantly, safe. Our dog tie out cable system is easy to screw into the ground, so you don’t have anything to worry about. This product has been tested to work for pets from small to large who weigh 100+ pounds. Xavier Training Solutions is committed to using premium, high quality materials. This makes it super durable and can be used for a very long time without any hassle. The last stake and tie-out you will ever need.

Package Dimensions: 19.5 x 4.8 x 0.5 inches

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