KCHEX Very Small Mini Clean Up 12" Sluice Gold pan Box with Ribbed Matting New

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Brand: KCHEX

Color: as pictured


  • 12" Sluice..High Quality...BRAND NEW
  • Only 12" x 3" x 1" (flare opens up to 4" see picture number three) is perfect for processing gold laden sands. Provide a small amount of water to flow through the body of the sluice.
  • Classify material down 1/20".(use a #20 Mesh classifier)
  • Then spoon feed your material through and watch the gold flakes appear on ribbed rubber matting.
  • Great for clean up at home and/or processing small amounts of material in a river or stream.

Details: Very Small Mini Clean Up 12" SLUICE gold pan BOX with ribbed matting new

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