SKEMiDEX New Garden Fire Hose Style Nozzle Nozzel High Pressure Sprayer Powerful Spraying And high pressure hose nozzle lowes most powerful garden hose nozzle water hose nozzle high pressure water


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Details: ✔️UNIQUE DESIGN! This nozzle will shoot from a fine mist to a powerful spray with over a 40ft stream.★✔️EXCELLENT QUALITY! This Fire Hose Nozzle has an Aluminum Core With Soft rubber cover. The water inlet is 3/4"-11.5 NH and has an overall length of 3-3/4". ★✔️COMFORTABLE USE! Aluminium Core With Soft Cover ★✔️FAST SHIPPING! Water Intel: 3/4"-11.5NH Length:3-3/4" ★⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐GUARANTEE!You and all our clients have a 100% money back guarantee if any problems with the product occur.We'll Provide A 5 Star Experience, our world class customer service that’s ready and available to address your concerns★

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