SKEMIX Digital BBQ Meat Thermometer Fork with Instant Read Probe Preset with Correct Cooking Temperatures

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  • PERFECT COOKING TOOL – For all your BBQ, broiling and grilling needs. The long design with easy grip non-slip handle allows you to check meat temperatures without burning your hands and with it’s built in thermometer sensors you are in total control.
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION. A 15 ¾ inches long, strong stainless steel cooking fork makes it easy to turn and re-position meat with an EASY GRIP HANDLE ergonomically designed that is comfortable to use while cooking
  • 5 MEAT TYPE SETTINGS - Beef, Lamb, Pork, Chicken and Turkey. Simply choose what you are cooking the BBQ Fork will tell you what temperature it needs to be
  • SIMPLE TO USE WITH 4 MEAT TASTE SETTINGS – You choose Well Done, Medium, Medium Rare or Rare. Then your meat is cooked to your perfect tenderness setting, just how you like it
  • FULL CUSTOMER SUPPORT. You can buy in total confidence, just check out our other products and customer feedback. We proudly stand 100% behind all our products

Details: This very special Meat Thermometer and Cooking Fork with its non-slip handle is designed to last a lifetime. Features: - Strong construction - Pre-set with all the cooking temperatures you need - 4 settings for Beef - 3 settings for Lamb - 2 settings for Pork - Preset to cooked for Turkey and Chicken - Read time 8 seconds - Use it as a BBQ fork - Use it as a thermometer - Brilliant present for someone special - 99.% Accurate - Our 100% no questions guarantee, see our feedback, we stand 100% behind all our products Operation - To turn on press and hold the MEAT ON/OFF button - To select the meat type press MEAT ON/OFF button scroll from one type to next type. - To select cooked preference press the TASTE button - Insert BBQ FORK into the meat and wait for a stable reading, if it is already cooked the alarm will sound and the light will flash. If not check the temperature and test at a later time.

Package Dimensions: 17.9 x 2.6 x 0.5 inches

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