SKEMIX Gooseneck Kettle - Pour Over Coffee Kettle with Outstanding Thermometer (40floz) - Triple Layer Stainless Steel Bottom Works on any Heat Source for Drip Coffee and Tea

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Details: Celebrate an epic morning ritual with your good-looking coffee kettle - day in and day out. Your reliable coffee friend has your back! Creating delicious coffee isn’t rocket science - you just need the right tools and some practice, it’s as simple as that! However, while most people focus on using the best coffee beans and the grinding process (which is, of course, essential to a great coffee), only few realize that the temperature and brewing of the coffee is of great importance as well. Congratulations and welcome to the secret coffee club: you are one of the few coffee lovers who get to the next level with this coffee kettle set... ...and not to forget: pair with the right coffee cup (aka “best mom/dad/boss/sister/human in the world”) to boost your coffee pleasure! What can you expect from the gooseneck kettle? Let's fill you in, what the premium stainless steel kettle has to offer: It comes with ideal capacity for 1.2l and shows the precise temperature of the water inside the kettle Premium Stainless Steel Triple layer bottom for any heating system, do not get fooled by cheap knock offs BPA-free materials for long-lasting and healthy use A stylisch packaging to protect your kettle during transport Coffee smiles at you. Coffee cheers you up on a rainy day. Coffee makes a sunny day even sunnier. We simply love coffee, can you tell? Join us & our coffee love and add this charming coffee kettle to your cart now!

Package Dimensions: 11.3 x 6.4 x 5.8 inches

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