SKEMIX Large Colander and Japanese rice washing bowl | Best Rice washer strainer and plastic mixing bowl | Vegetable Drainer food prep bowl and Fruit Washer | Rice wash & Berry & Quinoa washing Bowl

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Color: Green


  • ✔️ COLANDER STRAINER- Are you looking for a rice cleaner or rice drainer? Well, you have found the right multifunctional bowl to do it all. No need to have a strainer different from your bowl.
  • ✔️ BOWL COLANDER-This green giant bowl has a sieve attached to its end. Not only can you use it during cooking but also use it as a serve bowl.
  • ✔️ STAINER AND MIXER-The colander and rice washer can be used as a soaking bowl for grains; it’s a prep bowl, mixing bowl, strainer and even a server. Just the perfect grain washer to have.
  • ✔️ BPA FREE-The rice strainer plastic is made of non-toxic plastic, it has no BPA and keeps your food safe from chemicals and industrial fumes.
  • ✔️ BPA FREE-The rice strainer plastic is made of non-toxic plastic, it has no BPA and keeps your food safe from chemicals and industrial fumes.

Binding: Kitchen

Details: So our kitchen cabinets are full of strainers of all shapes and sizes, we have pots and pans that we use to soak our vegetables and grains in and by the end we have a heap of dishes to do and a kitchen that looks like someone turned it upside down. Let’s change that, shall we? Our rice rinsing bowl has all that you need in one utensil. The colander has a bowl that helps you soak your food, the sieve that helps you strain it and is case you are cooking rice, soak, rinse and strain it in the very same colander. Not to mention it is a colander for quinoa. Simply a fine strainer quinoa and is great for rinsing rice. Easy to clean: The caulinde is easy to clean, its dishwasher safe. You can put it in the top-wrack without any worries. You can wash it under a tap and dry it out for use. Non-toxic: The colander is made of BPA-free plastic and is non-toxic. We have designed this colander keeping our customers’ satisfaction in view. The caulender is environment friendly, keeping things fresh and out of chemical interaction. You will always have our colander for your fruits, vegetables and grains by your side. You can prep a whole meal without changing pots and pans for soaking, straining, rinsing and mixing. Its strong mesh doesn’t break under the weight and keeps you well organized. Get your rice washer today! Keywords: colander bowl, large strainer, rice bowl washer, rice straining bowl, kitchen prep bowl, rice rinser bowl, plastic mixing bowl, colander strainer, colander food strainer, best kitchen strainer, kitchen mesh strainer

Package Dimensions: 11.3 x 9.4 x 6.0 inches

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