SKEMIX Plastic Sink Sponge Holder, Practical Plug Gift Put in Order Drain Holes, Adjustable Strap Faucet Caddy for Washing Tool Utensils Holder Basket White

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  • 【Put in Order】 Put the dish washing utensils in the most convenient and conspicuous position, so as to put them in order.
  • 【Drain Holes】 Our kitchen sink bracket is very eye-catching on the market because it has drain holes at the bottom to prevent water from accumulating in caddies.
  • 【Fit All Sinks】 Adjustable button is easy to hang and dismantle.
  • 【Practical Plug Gift】 Product presents a color matching plug, which can ensure that your water pipe is not clogged and reduces the troubles in your life.
  • 【Hang Whatever You Want】 Kitchen sink basket can accommodate sponge, scrubber, scouring pad, drain plug, etc! Perfect for kitchen, workplace, bathroom, craft room, classroom or office sink.

Details: Product Size:5.9×3.3×8.3 inch Plug Size:Diameter: 4 inch If you have such troubles in your life: 1. Every time you want to use the tableware, the tools are in a mess, or you always need to tidy up again and again. so this storage basket can make your washing tools neat and orderly. 2. Each time you use the washing tool, you can't find this one or that one. Then this storage basket can ensure that the washing tool is in its proper position, and you can get it and use it as soon as you reach out. This basket will provide the following convenience: 1. You can put your dish washing soap, sponge and washer in order to keep your washbasin in order. 2. The unique outer frame design creates a space for your kitchen towel, which is very practical. 3. The open and hollow bottom design makes the water drain quickly. The belt type faucet can keep your sink and counter clean. 4. Sponge holder can be used as dishwasher, sink saddle, sponge rack and dishwasher brush holder. It can keep your favorite dish washing brush, which is convenient for you to sponge or scrub dishes.

Package Dimensions: 6.1 x 5.2 x 2.4 inches

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