SKEMIX Pocket Reel Camping Survival Emergency Bug Out Bag Fishing KIT

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  • The Pocket Reel is the most reliable survival pocket fishing kit you can buy. With no moving parts and extra gear stored inside the kit it will always be ready to go and if something should fail, lost lure or broken line, you have extras.
  • The size 5" x 1" and weight of just 2.5oz, the Pocket Reel is perfect for a survival kit, camping or canoe trip, glovebox, bug out bag, or a simple trip to the lake.
  • t's secure design allows it to be used and abused without worry of effecting it's use. They are made from a very thick plastic and are extremely durable. you can toss this kit anywhere and just forget about it. they can be stepped on, thrown, dropped, the tube can be RAN OVER and it will not break.
  • They have zero flex to them and in testing i threw an assembled kit out of my 2nd story office window onto my driveway and it just bounced. In a survival situation you want ROCK SOLID gear.
  • you don't want your line wrapped around a soda can or some cheap flimsy tube that can buckle under the weight of your catch or even something that could be crushed, dented, or damaged in your pack.

Details: Fish anywhere with this lightweight pocket fishing kit - kit only weighs 2.5 oz - perfect for backpackers, camping/fishing trips, or a BOB. Comes completely stocked and ready to use as soon as you get it.

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