SKEMIX Reusable Silicone Food Bag Freezer Safe Kitchen Storage Bag Food Container Reusable Food Storage Cooking Airtight Snack Bag (4pcs) Zero Waste Leak Resistant Keep Lunch Snacks Liquids & Meals Fresh

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Color: Red, Blue, Green, Clear


  • Eco-friendly Silicone – Echologic food reusable bags are phthalates, PVC and BPA free, making them safe for school lunches, freezer storage, and raw meat.
  • Hot & Cold Resistant – A hermetic seal keeps foods fresh longer and reusable silicone food bags can be steamed, boiled, stored in the freezer, or used in the oven or microwave!
  • Easy Open/Close Seal – Superior to standard lunch bags, these leakproof airtight containers seal tight to store liquids, foods and snacks with easy support.
  • Reusable Food Containers – Ideal for meal planning, weight loss goals, kid’s lunches or storing leftovers our reusable food saver bags are durable and dishwasher safe.
  • Versatile Home & Kitchen Use – Along with storing foods and liquids, our reusable silicone bag can be used over and over to save money and it makes traveling easier.

Details: Ensure lunches, leftovers and meals stay safe, fresh and delicious with reusable silicone food storage bags from Echologic. Whether you’re storing leftovers after dinner or just planning meals ahead for your fitness goals, a good food storage bag can make all the difference. That’s why we created Echologic Silicone Food Bags; a reusable storage container that seals in liquids, foods, and even odors with an airtight hermetic seal that keeps your food tasting great far longer than standard plastic. Improved Airtight Seal The slide zipper seal on each bag is so easy to use and so tight the you can even store smoothies and liquids inside without a single drop escaping. In fact, they can be used at home, on the go, while camping, or for school lunches and they’ll keep your food fresh, delicious and safe with true peace of mind. Versatile Storage Support The heat and cold resistant design makes them freezer, over, microwave, and even steamer safe; giving you more control over your meals at home and on the go. Better yet, they’re made with food-grade safe silicone so you can use them over and over again. Product Details: Premium Food Storage Bags (4-Piece Set) Reusable Food-Grade Silicone Easy to Seal/Open Zipper Temperature Resistant (-58 °F – 482 °F) Oven, Steamer, Microwave, Freezer and Dishwasher Safe BPA, Phthalates, PVC Free Hypoallergenic and Ecofriendly Satisfaction Guaranteed Click ‘Add to Cart’ to get this premium 4-piece silicone food storage bag set and plan meals ahead, store leftovers, and keep lunch fresh and delicious. To open and close the bag: Follow the direction of the arrow located at the top of the bag and at the top of the bar.

Package Dimensions: 9.9 x 7.9 x 1.1 inches

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