SKEMIX Tuff Magnets, Ferrite, Grade 8, Comes with 24 3M Adhesive Dots Set, Fridge, Craft, Hobby, School, Round Disc 3/4 Inch 50 Pieces/Box

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Color: Black


  • Grade 8, 4100 Gauss. Tuff Magnets are the strongest ceramic magnets you can buy
  • Comes with 2 dozen super adhesive 3M VHB adhesive dots - perfect for crafts/hobbies
  • Heavy Duty - one magnet will hold up to 12 sheets of paper to your fridge or white board
  • 50 magnets in each box, beveled edges prevent scratching and make magnets easy to separate
  • 3/4 inch ferrite discs are pole marked on North side for easy use at school, home, or office

Binding: Kitchen

Details: BECAUSE YOU NEED MAGNETS THAT ARE STRONG - TUFF MAGNETS ARE THE STRONGEST CERAMIC MAGNETS YOU CAN BUY Tuff Magnets are Grade 8, 4100 Gauss. This means they will hold more than other 3/4" ceramic magnets. You will love using them for school, crafts, hobbies, shops, garages, etc. You name it, these magnets are perfect for the job. YOUR TUFF MAGNETS COME WITH 2 DOZEN DOUBLE SIDED 3M VHB SUPER STICKY DOTS. You can instantly start your projects without messy glue. Included 3M VHB sticky dots make beginning your projects a breeze. BECAUSE YOU NEED MAGNETS THAT ARE HEAVY DUTY Tuff Magnets hold more than you expect. Perfect for your hobbies, tools, refrigerator, school, projects and more. TUFF MAGNETS ARE MADE FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE Your Tuff Magnets are beveled so they separate easily and are less likely to break. Each disc is pole marked which makes them more fun to work with. Polished finish means they have less metal dust so your hands don't get as dirty. 50 magnets means you'll always have enough for whatever you are doing.

Package Dimensions: 3.5 x 2.5 x 2.0 inches

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